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Meet Our Animals

 Baby Brushtail Possum
This little brushtail possum explores grevillia which it can eat as it gets older, she will be in care for a few months as she is on 3 hourly feeds.

Baby Roo
This joey was orphaned, she is fed 4 hourly and will be in care for a few months before going to a suitable release site.

On the way to recovery

Bird In Cage
This young magpie was orphaned but is now doing well and will be with us until it is old enough to be released.

This little duckling was lost and by itself, it will be put with other ducklings to grow up with.

Flying Fox
This flying fox came in very heat stressed, it will be in care until it recovers.

Frogmouth Owl
Tawny Frogmouth came in with an injured leg , it is nearly ready for release. It has a diet of baby mice.

This is pink the galah who has a broken beak. It will grow back soon and she will be on her way to freedom.

Grey Roo
This joey was also orphaned, she is also fed 4 hourly and will be in care for a few months before going to a suitable released site.

This ibis had an injured foot which is now on the mend. It has a very long beak which it uses to forage for food.

Kola In Tree
This koala also came in very heat stressed, It will be in care until it regains its strength.

Kola Looking
Another heat stressed koala on the mend.

This blue tongue lizard lost its way in heavy rains and is now due for release.

This orphaned lorikeet was brought in as an orphan, she has been hand raised and will be released into a flock in the near future.

Adult Brushtail
This brushtail came in spray painted and set alight. Sadly, it had to be euthanised.

Turtle  02
This turtle came from the Kinglake fires where it burnt its legs and under shell, it is on the way to making a full recovery.

Baby Ringtail

Adult Duck


Group Of Ducklings

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